Sarah Mansib Scholarship Award given.

I have awarded a scholarship to a boy in Bangladesh. He is an outstanding human and humanitarian. The award is named for both Mansib and my daughter Sarah,  also a great and studious human being.  Congratulations Mansib.

sarah mansib scholarship

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El Puente Mask procession



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“Dental Day of the Dead”

Dental Day of the Dead copy

This piece is currently at the Arizona Historical Society Museum. The show is
callled “Second Life”.  It is a modern twist on the Day of the Dead show…
Artists were required to use recycled or re-purposed items in making their art.
I chose recycled cardboard, wood and bird seed bag in this lovely little piece.

The show will continue through Jan 12, 2014 ! Address is 1300 N. College Ave.
Tempe, AZ.

See CALACA invite.


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I have a piece of Art in this show:

I am honored to be a part of this amazing show. The Arizona Historical Society
Museum so beautiful. I hope to see you all there! SecondLifePostcard

What makes this years event different than years past, is that we were required
to make our ART from recycled or re-purposed material. It will be exciting
to see what everyone came up with. I am so looking forward.
Thank you for reading ,

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This painting was shown at the Gallery at Phoenix Center for the Arts. It is titled “Jaxinta” . It is acrylic on wood. (sold)JaxintaV3


Gallery Invite… (show has passed)

invite jpg

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“Justin’s Rosetablo”


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“Her Spirit”

print for lady at Tempe Studio

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Mini Cantaloupe

This is my little cantaloupe. Here it is when I first spotted it under the vines.

cantaloupe copy

I must have planted them too late in the year, because it was so tiny,
even when it ripened. It was the size of a teacup. It was cute and delicious. I wish
I had a whole bunch of them. I saved the seeds and we shall see next year
if it was just a fluke. (due to late planting)  Here is the ripened teacup cantaloupe:

sliced cantaloupe whole cantaloupe


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Cactus Flower

cactus blossom

A neighbor gave me this little cactus. It has an infrequent blossom, which only blooms for one or two days. This one bloomed for just one day. I was so happy to see the color and delicateness of it.  It came from such a tiny little cactus, not much larger than the flower itself. Honestly, it was so drab, that I had considered getting rid of the cactus plant, because it seemed almost too much trouble to keep watering it. But just days later it bloomed. It made me realize the value of simple things that are here day in, day out… until one day they shine! Much like our lives. We are here.  Sometimes life can get drab or monotonous, but occasionally we “shine” too. So now I appreciate this little drab cactus, even when it isn’t blooming.



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