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Hemp Peyote Bracelet

I love it when I just get to take the beads I have on hand and just “make something”.  I had some hemp twine, and made a cute little tube, with larger beads for the ends. This was a “make it up as I go” bracelet. I love it, and I want to wear it every day! 

Thanks for reading….. beadnrose

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Making Beads out of Wool.

I love knitting, and I like to mix fabric, textiles with beading.  Here is a link to my knitting blog where I show some felted beads that I made.

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More Beaded Beads

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Beaded Bead

This is a great tutorial on making a beaded bead with delicas.   I found it so easy,  that I attached a photo of one I just made.

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Peyote Tube with Turtle charm.

I like making the tubular peyote stitch.  I strung this one on rayon ribbon also.   I love turtle images, so I added a little charm as a central focal point.

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Peyote Tube Pendant

It is possible to do a peyote stitch in a tube.  One way is to make a rectangle and seam or “zip” it up.  This one , however was made without a seam.  I contrasted brown seed beads with translucent clear beads.  I strung the tube on to a rayon ribbon, and attached a silver clasp.

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Peyote stitch bracelet

The beading part of this bracelet. is finished …. Oh the delica beads with the green Nymo thread worked so beautifully.  Taking the class really paid off. I  didn’t even know what delica beads were before the class.  Now I just need to purchase and attach a clasp.  Thrilled with the beading results!!

Next, I intend to tackle some peyote stitching with graphed  patterns using  colors. But for now … I highly reccomend the delica beads for peyote for uniform even look.  Though the round seed beads are still charming and earthy looking.

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Learning the Peyote Stitch from the Professionals

Hi, I finally got to take the peyote beading class.  Essentially,  I had the right idea.  In the class however, she prefers delica beads to seed beads. Delica are tubular instead of round. (similar to a crimp bead) They are uniform in size, so you get a very even stitch. I chose one in a metallic, and one slightly translucent. We used Nymo.  I am happy with the results. I learned some tips when adding on a new thread than will make the transition smoother.  It does seem that what beads you use make a difference.  Here is my humble but uniform beginning:

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Turquoise and Brown seed beads

Hmmm…. I didn’t have any brown Nymo thread, so I used 4lb Fireline smoke color.  So, maybe I was wrong about Fireline being too stiff. This time around it is working nicely.  I am liking these solid color seed beads better also. Maybe it was the seed beads that were making the previous bracelet so difficult. Today I am going to a peyote bead class… maybe they will have some insight. Anyway, here is the turquoise/brown bracelet in progress…

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Nymo or Fireline…?

I started this one with a strip of even count peyote stitch.  Then added edging and silver beading down the center.  I used 4lb fireline.  I am experimenting with different strings/threads.  Nymo has a more natural feel to it.  Fireline is very strong, but is stiffer, which is not a bad quality for some beading projects… ie: a  spiral bracelet.  Fireline is more difficult to weave in, when needing to add more string.  I prefer Nymo for  peyote stitch  bracelets.  I do however,  foresee Fireline having benefits in other jewelry projects in the future.

Thanks for reading……….. Beadnrose.

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