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Sarah Mansib Scholarship Award given.

I have awarded a scholarship to a boy in Bangladesh. He is an outstanding human and humanitarian. The award is named for both Mansib and my daughter Sarah,  also a great and studious human being.  Congratulations Mansib.

sarah mansib scholarship

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I have a piece of Art in this show:

I am honored to be a part of this amazing show. The Arizona Historical Society
Museum so beautiful. I hope to see you all there! SecondLifePostcard

What makes this years event different than years past, is that we were required
to make our ART from recycled or re-purposed material. It will be exciting
to see what everyone came up with. I am so looking forward.
Thank you for reading ,

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Cactus Flower

cactus blossom

A neighbor gave me this little cactus. It has an infrequent blossom, which only blooms for one or two days. This one bloomed for just one day. I was so happy to see the color and delicateness of it.  It came from such a tiny little cactus, not much larger than the flower itself. Honestly, it was so drab, that I had considered getting rid of the cactus plant, because it seemed almost too much trouble to keep watering it. But just days later it bloomed. It made me realize the value of simple things that are here day in, day out… until one day they shine! Much like our lives. We are here.  Sometimes life can get drab or monotonous, but occasionally we “shine” too. So now I appreciate this little drab cactus, even when it isn’t blooming.



2 Comments July 20, 2013

I just googled rosecortina, under images…

…and WOW, lots of “makings” show up… so very cool. I am so very happy to see my new site up and running. It is going to be filled with healthy food ideas, organic gardening, knitting,  jewelry and last but not least… ART. So keep visiting. I was able to streamline my two blogs…formerly Knittnrose, and Beadnrose, and which was my ART site. Having had two recent, exciting gallery shows, which exceeded my expectations… I knew my art site needed to be interactive. I did have to put a “captcha” at the bottom for posts… please don’t take it too seriously. It is just a spam filter. I have spent so much time recently learning to cook  healthy  foods  that are delicious!  I wanted to put everything together in to one site. This is the beginning of that journey.

Rose with JJ

Thanks for reading,
– Rose



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“A Walk in the Park”

This is my hand painted stiletto that was part of a very wonderful art show at 6th AVE Gallery in Phoenix last month… Torres Marquez Communications and the Gallery got together and asked artists to transform a single black stiletto shoe into a work of art. The name of the show was “Inspired Soles”. This is my shoe. Thank You Scottsdale Fashionista for the photo. This shoe did very well at the Live Auction to benefit Artlink Inc. They are the generous people who promote the thriving art community in downtown Phoenix. Art Detour on the First Friday of each month is the place to be. Thank you TMC, and 6th Ave Gallery for allowing me to be a part of such a great Benefit Show. And thanks Fox 10 for putting my little stiletto shoe on TV! Out of 60 to 70 submissions , only four shoes were chosen for the Live Auction on Opening night. My shoe was not only one of the four, but was referred to as “the most talked about shoe of the night “. This was an exciting month for me.
Thanks for reading,

7 Comments May 5, 2013

Spider Fun

Last week in beading class we learned how to make this cute spider.


1 Comment March 7, 2010

Peyote Bracelet

Here is one of my first try’s at the peyote or gourd stitch. I used size 11 seed beads, and Nymo thread.  This is the odd count peyote stitch. It was easy to follow by using a stripe.  This helped me keep my place.  I learned it online from a video tutorial at “Aunties Beads”.   There are some good tutorials there for beginning beaders.   Thanks for reading… —Beadnrose  (after learning a bit more, I believe this is actually an even count peyote stitch.)

2 Comments March 4, 2010

Kitty Ate My Sweater !

Well, yes kitty chewed up my favorite sweater. So, I came up with a solution… and the purrrrrfect opportunity for me to learn a new knitting stitch. I got out my “150 Knitted Trims” by Lesley Stanfield. This stitch is called “Dots and Dashes”. Luckily, I found a yarn color to match my sweater at Hobby Lobby: Patons Angora Bamboo yarn in “Maree Basse” (Low Tide). After trying several different stitch patterns… and getting frustrated… I tried this one and I am happy with it, because it will cover the bite marks. It will also add a decorative element to the sweater.

When I am finished with this lacy edging I will post to this blog and ……..I will hopefully be able to say ……………..”I am so glad kitty ate my sweater!”

2 Comments February 10, 2010

I Love this Cotton

“I Love this Cotton” is the name of a cotton that I recently bought from the new Hobby Lobby store. I am knitting a dishcloth with it to see how it washes up. So far the feel of it is much softer than the other two kitchen cottons. It seems lighter weight. I must say it is really smooth to knit with. But we will see how it holds up in the wash. I am thinking it would be nice for a cotton hat, or something for a baby. The cost is about a dollar more than the regular kitchen cottons.

1 Comment February 5, 2010

Another Knitted Cat Toy

I shall have a happy cat with these textured knitted toys. I sat an egg next to it so you could get an idea of the size. Oh so fun!!

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