Knitted Cat Toy

This little knitted cat toy is adapted from a pattern from “Teach a group of Kids to Knit” by Kay Meadors. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to knit. I taught myself how to knit, by knitting every project in this book. To make toy smaller, I made this one out of thin sport weight yarn, and used size 2 needles. The original pattern is a childs juggling ball , and uses size 8 needles and worsted weight yarn. (kids ball is about 3 inches and cat toy is only 1 1/2 inches. There is a seam going down the side, so I think I will try the next one using size 2 dpns.

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Finishing Jaxinta’s Headband

Almost finished with promised headband for friend. I combined Bamboo Wool with Trekking sock yarn, to make this one. Will finish today and send to Jaxinta this week.

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Finished Pink Baby Blanket

Here is the finally finished pink baby blanket. I am so happy that I will be able to give it to my friend just in time for her friend’s baby shower. I hope the recipient likes it as much as I do.

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I think spinning is so cool. I made a spindle with a wooden dowel and wooden wheel. I need to do some further reading and perhaps watch a video to better understand the technique. I am happy though, that I did manage to spin a whole pretty ball of yarn. I spun a loosely wound skein of cotton yarn, and and some ecru cotton crochet thread together.

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PieceWork, January/February 2010 – Interweave

I am looking forward to buying the Special Issue of Piecework, because the issue is dedicated to Historical Knitting. How cool!!

via PieceWork, January/February 2010 – Interweave.

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my knittndrawing

This is one of my first attempts at a knitting drawing…..I intend to do more.

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Pink Baby Blanket

Currently I am knitting a baby blanket for a friend, who wanted me to make a baby blanket for her friend’s baby shower. I needed something that I could quickly knit, but still be unique. I looked in wiki how. I found a simple pattern which I could adust. I chose to make it in three textures of pink. (all acrylic so it will be easy to care for). I have a garter stitch border, and stockinette stitch in the center. I alternated chunky yarns with two strands of soft pink baby yarn. I am using 29inch, size 10 circular bamboo needles. I began with casting on 120 stitches as the pattern said, but soon realized this was going to be waaaayyy to big. It looked like it would fit a twin sized bed. Yikes!

Reluctantly, I had to tear out the stitches and start over after about 10 inches. I then cast on 64 stitches. (half the stitches and 4 more for good measure; and the fact that it reminded me of the Beatles song “… when I’m 64”) Now it is manageable, and actually more fun to knit, since I can picture a little baby using it, and later when she gets older it will be fun for her to carry around with her. Is not crib sized but perhaps bassinette, or bringing with the car seat, etc…

It is so soft and so pretty ……….. and going so quickly that I hardly remember the angst I felt about unravelling the larger version that I had
spent so much time on.

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Knitted headband

I made knitted headbands for for Christmas. I used garter stitch around the edges, with a cable running down the center. I used a triple needle bind off to finish off. This one was made with Lion Brand Homespun yarn. Color is called “painted desert”.

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Who’s been sleeping in my yarn basket?


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Who me?

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